When Your Life Isn’t Going Right

What do you do when your life is suddenly not going the way you envisioned? Not going the way you wanted?

My day didn’t start out badly. It didn’t start out in a way that made me think things would go downhill. I actually had a very good morning. My kitten didn’t attack my toes when I got out of bed, I wasn’t super late for work (I am always a little late or WAY early, there really is no in between for me), I had a nice balanced breakfast, things were going well. Then it started to slide downhill..

I have already been struggling to pay my doctor’s bills. I am covered by insurance but since this was a specialist visit, the insurance doesn’t cover much of anything outside of the visit itself ($78, when my copay is $50..), so all of my medications, testing.. that’s all out of pocket. Well over $1000 at this point. I got a bill this morning from the laboratory in regards to my lab work, that needs paid, and I got a bill from the clinic for the testing performed there, that needs paid, then I got a bill from the pharmacy for medication, that needs paid as well. I finally get a game plan together and then get an email that my agency has somehow managed to “overpay” me. I didn’t realize when I was done with my initial training I didn’t receive my pay raise, I am just now promoting as opposed to 3 months ago. That means, I now have what is essentially a bill from the place I work and medical bills adding up that need paid as well.

So how do I handle this? Well, I’ll be honest, at first, I was distraught. I was angry. I don’t handle things like this well. I don’t handle change or things that unsettle my life with what others would term “grace”. I get upset and emotionally withdrawn. And I did at first. Then I decided I would write about it.

If I get it all out there, I can think on it while I am trying to write about it. Try to get how I feel out in the open without maintaining that feeling in my emotional state. I told myself I had a choice. I could be upset, and I could be angry, but it won’t change anything. It won’t pay my bills for me. So there is nothing to do now but see what can be done without taking another hit in my pay. I will still have to make a payment schedule. I am still going to have to budget.

I am going to try to do my best to maintain my emotional equilibrium throughout this and any other “crisis” that may arise in my life.

Sorry this one wasn’t super entertaining. I’d love to hear if you guys have any suggestions for handling this in a better way. Thanks ahead of time!


2 thoughts on “When Your Life Isn’t Going Right

  1. What a sucky situation! I guess all you can do is to try not to let yourself dragged under – it might not necessarily be a positive situation and there isn’t really a positive spin on it, but you have the strength to deal with it and get it under control, I know it 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you for that! After a long night of cleaning my house to spotlessness, and a long hot bath I am seeing things in a different way this morning! I am going to do my best not to get dragged down by the world around me!


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