Turning 25

I am going to borrow an idea I saw from someone I follow by the name of Genealogy Jen, she has her own site called Repurposed Genealogy (http://repurposedgenealogy.com/) and it has some wonderful reads on it!

She is currently working her way towards 40 by writing about each of her 40 fears. But she introduced those fears with one original post like I am going to be doing now. I would like to list and discuss my 25 fears. I am sure I have way more than 25 but that’s how old I will be so that’s where we are!

And in the order I can think of them, my fears are as followed:

  1. Not being enough
  2. Heights
  3. Spiders
  4. Having children
  5. My depression
  6. My anxiety
  7. Career progression
  8. Being behind
  9. Money
  10. My teeth
  11. My attitude
  12. My weight
  13. My drive and inspiration
  14. My thoughts
  15. Being a disappointment
  16. Failing
  17. Being left
  18. Losing my family
  19. Losing everything
  20. Drowning
  21. Never loving my body
  22. Not being able to travel
  23. Getting sick
  24. Being unattractive
  25. Being overpowered

And with that out there. I will take it upon myself to write out what each fear means to me, and why I feel that way. Maybe I can get to the bottom of some of them and determine what I can do to help work on them! So, to be continued!

Thanks all!


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