What Makes Me Happy?

I am just feeling the need to write this one today. I am feeling a little lonely since Bobby has gone back to work (he works out of state, 10 days away, 4 days home). I thought it would be a good idea to write out things that make me happy. Things I can and do enjoy when he is home and away.

1. Working Out.

I thoroughly enjoy working out and he actually got me a gym membership with a tanning package! (Yes, I know tanning is bad and has some potentially bad side effects such as cancer, but I enjoy it and it relaxes me and feels like a prize after a good workout) He knows I have struggled with my weight, he has actually been around since I was at my heaviest, and helped me by working out and getting me running again when I first started to get serious about losing weight after college graduation. He works out with me when he is home and it’s nice to have a shared passion that I also enjoy on my own. Granted, he is more into lifting weights, while I am more into running, but there’s enough in common between us that we both enjoy going to the gym.

2. Gardening

I actually have a very intense passion for flowers. Inside and outside. Although Bobby and I have a kitten, and she literally destroys any plant or flower in the house. So, we only have outdoor gardens now. But I enjoy working in them very much. Just this past weekend he and I actually finished our front flower bed. We put in new rose bushes and some small flowers that will branch out and cover the ground. I was also gifted some hosta lilies from his mom. 🙂 He also bought me a peach tree so I get to experiment with growing a fruit tree for the first time! I am planning to put in another new garden this upcoming weekend if the rain hold off on me. I have several species of lilies that will go in and I am planning to put in elephant ears (my favorite plant!). And even though this isn’t really a “garden” we’re planning to put in a patio and a fire pit in the backyard so we can start hosting parties! I am hoping for a 4th of July party where I can show off the whole house and yard. Fingers crossed I get all of my furniture moved in by then.

3. Junking

I LOVE to go junking. It’s a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for me and my mom and sisters. We love to go hunt around at garage sales, thrift shops, antique malls, and auctions. We have found a lot of great things when we go out and about and we always have a lot of fun, whether we find anything or not! I can honestly say, this is one thing that is all mine. Bobby does like to go to auctions with me, but the rest is all just something I enjoy doing alone or with my family.

4. Soccer

I love playing, watching, anything to do with this sport. It was a passion of mine for years. I played from the age of 8 until I was 19 in an outdoor league, then I played off and on through college and for a year or so after in an indoor league with some of my adult friends. I love watching soccer, on television or in person. It makes me happy. I also used to referee soccer and I enjoyed that immensely until the parents and coaches just got to be too overwhelming and negative. I still love the sport though. I don’t follow any particular team, but if it’s on I will definitely be watching it.

5. Baking

I much prefer baking to cooking. I am not very good at cooking without a recipe or better yet, a box that tells me exactly what I need and what to do. But baking… Baking I love. It’s such a relaxing thing for me. I am a chemist by nature, and baking is just like chemistry. I do like to follow a recipe, but I have made my own on more than one occasion. I don’t eat very many desserts or sweet things, but I love to make them. Some of my favorites are fudge, drop cookies, no-bake cookies (I still count it as baking if I get a cookie from it!), and I make some of my own cakes and pies and cobblers. It’s very stress relieving to just go in a kitchen and make something beautiful and delicious. It smells wonderful, it looks amazing. That gives me such a huge sense of accomplishment.

6. Reading/Writing

I have a slight addiction to reading and writing blogs and articles.. I love to read anything really. Novels. Romance stories with a smidge of mystery and comedy. Makes me smile. I read A LOT. I enjoy learning new things whether it’s entirely random facts, interesting things from across the world, the news, advice columns.. Anything and everything!

I can’t think of too much more off the top of my head, but I think I made a good start on a promising list!

Thanks for reading!




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