Fear 10. My Teeth

Now that it has slipped into June without me bothering to notice, I realize I still have 15 fears to cover after this one and not much time to do it since my birthday is coming up in just a couple of months!

Now we’re going to get into my 10th fear. My teeth. I know this seems silly and probably makes me sound slightly ridiculous, but my teeth are VERY important to me. Teeth in general are important to me. And no, I am not a dentist. I just want my teeth to look good.

My parents spent a lot of money on my teeth to make them beautiful. There wasn’t actually anything wrong with my teeth in the first place, but my top jaw was a little smaller than my bottom jaw and it was causing my teeth to line up unevenly and inflame my jaw. They expanded my upper jaw and then pulled all my teeth back together. I think the only thing I really got out of the whole deal was a good idea about dental hygiene and a slight lisp from my jaw being broken but I try to take good care of my teeth just the same.

While I had my braces it was constantly preached at me to keep them clean and take good care of them otherwise the food and drinks I chose to devour would get behind the braces and rot my teeth. They even showed me photographs of other patients who hadn’t taken good care of their teeth while they had braces on them and they really had rotted underneath the metal! Can you imagine getting fillings on ALL of your teeth!? And on the front no less!

I dated a guy for a little while who had awful teeth… and I know it makes me sound like a terrible person to mention how much they bothered me but I had/have taken such good care of mine and he just.. hadn’t. He had even had braces and it just hadn’t stuck that teeth maintenance was so important to dental health. He had killed one of his front teeth and it was turning black and the rest of his teeth were yellow and covered in tartar and buildup. It was so gross.

I don’t really mind if they’re not perfectly straight. Unless you have dentures your teeth are going to have something wrong and that’s normal and natural, but discolored and you know.. turning BLACK! That was just A LOT for me. We didn’t break up over his teeth, he actually broke up with me, but I was relieved that I didn’t have to kiss someone who didn’t take care of their mouth anymore..

Now I can imagine by now anyone that’s still reading this is probably thinking I am crazy and that this doesn’t sound like a fear at all, but I am almost obsessed with my teeth. I brush at least twice a day, floss, and use whitening strips so that they stay beautiful. I don’t want anyone to ever look at my smile and think, O.M.G. what was she thinking showing her teeth when they look like that!? I am very self conscious about my teeth.

I don’t consider teeth to be a deal breaker for me or my relationships, but I do think that a proper understanding of dental hygiene is important. I don’t judge people based on their teeth. I know some people can’t help it. Some people don’t have access to dental care, sometimes I know it’s a medication or illness related thing, or if someone plays sports or gets into a car accident and their teeth die, there’s nothing anyone can do about things like that. But as far as my teeth are concerned.. I want as close to perfection as possible with my own natural teeth.

I want white, straight, beautiful teeth. Teeth that look polished and make me look professional when I smile. Obsession or fear? I don’t really know, but I do know the thought of not having a good smile or pretty teeth causes me anxiety and that to me makes the think that not having good teeth is a fear.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to keep your teeth as clean as you’re physically able!





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