My Party Planning Adventures

I don’t normally write more than one blog in a day, but I am bored at work with nothing to do and I feel the need to go into some detail about the many aspects of my life that make me who I am. Parties and party planning definitely come into play as far as my life goes.

The first party I remember planning was mine and my sister’s 16th birthday party. I made the invitations myself, had food and drinks set up, and a theme for the whole party. I planned activities and then planned back-up activities since the night of the party it was actually pouring down rain and not at all the atmosphere for a luau themed party. We ended up going out into the mud and the rain and playing volleyball anyways, and it was one of the best parts of the night, outside of the virgin luau themed drinks such as margaritas and daiquiris and the fresh fruit kabobs! We ended the night with a stupid teenage themed movie and a few stolen kisses (on my part at least!). All-in-all, not too bad for my first party!

I threw a bunch of parties after that, our 18th birthday party, our graduation party, and then I started to move on to bigger parties. Parties that weren’t for me and had the potential to be all messed up if not done well. Parties where people who weren’t just my friends and family were going to attend and could potentially see all the flaws in my hard work and plans.

I started my big parties with my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party. I planned and bought a cake, not a regular sheet cake, but a round cake with layers! I had to watch Youtube videos to figure out how to cut it.. but it went off perfectly! We had a buffet style dinner and all of the grandkids served. We had almost 100 people show up and the party went off without a hitch. We even managed to surprise my grandma! Total win as far as I was concerned!

After that I really stepped up my game, I moved on from the anniversary party to my dad’s 50th birthday party! I invited all of his old high school friends he hadn’t seen in as long as I have been alive and can remember. I even got his best man from my mom and dad’s wedding to attend! We did another buffet style, but it was a serve yourself style. I added another cost to this party by renting a venue and getting decorations, but it was so worth it! We had cupcakes, food, music and friends and family. Not to mention presents! He had a good time and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

This wasn’t exactly a “party” and I didn’t plan it all on my own, but when my sister got married, my mom, sisters and I planned the whole wedding and reception. We made the decorations, the food, and we had it all set up and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. It went off without a hitch and we were all pleased with how things went.

I also planned mine and my sister’s 22nd birthday party, which is where she got engaged. We did a small party with just a few friends and did it totally old school style by going to a big pizza buffet and arcade complete with miniature golf, go-carts, and bowling. It was a really good time, even if  I got super jealous! At the time though, I was not in a serious relationship and her and Casey, her husband, have been together since high school. Almost 10 years now. She definitely deserved to get engaged and I was happy to have been there and been a part of it!

After they got engaged, I planned the bachelor/bachelorette party. There was a rule that there be no strippers on either side, and since we all share the same friends group, they just wanted a together party. All of the friends and wedding party members went back to the giant arcade where they got engaged and we partied for a bit, then we went bowling where we may or may not have had a lot of drinks.. Pre-gaming! Then everyone went back to her and Casey’s house and drank some more while we all played beer pong, and watched stupid/scary movies until four or five in the morning. It was a fabulous time! Definitely high on my list of favorite parties.

For the record, I know these parties are not in any sort of order, but I am just remembering them as they come to me..

I just recently, this weekend, threw my dad a Father’s Day party. We did a big cookout with the whole family and some friends. They shot skeet out in the field, we went fishing, I bought water guns, which he then used to spray the dogs rather than to have the giant water gun fight I had anticipated, but he smiled and laughed the whole time! So that was a win for me! There was dessert, and everyone brought something to eat that contributed to the whole feast in general. Things went really well until the ex-best friend showed up. Not my favorite thing!

I am now planning my first party in my new house! I am making plans for a (hopefully) epic 4th of July party. Food, fireworks, friends, family, and of course, showing off my new house. We are planning to have burger and hot dogs, chips, fruit, cupcakes, s’mores, and who knows what else. I am hoping it will be a great party and a lot of fun.

Parties are such a big part of my life, I love to thrown them, plan them, and just have a good time at and with them. I feel like parties and presents are two of the things that I excel at. I love to give presents as well and I try to put a lot of thought into what I give people.

But that’s a post for another time! Until next time!




2 thoughts on “My Party Planning Adventures

    1. I enjoy it immensely! Don’t get me wrong, when things don’t always go exactly according to plan it can be stressful. But, all-in-all, I love to be stressed and busy. So it kind of works out!


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