Fear 17. Being Left

So, I have had my birthday! I am now 25 years old. I did not get my 25 fears finished before my birthday, but I don’t see a reason to stop now. I think this might be therapeutic in a way.

So, my 17th fear, is being left.

Being left can be a lot of things. To me, it’s a lot of different aspects.

Fear is such a big thing. Especially to me. I feel like there are so many ways that fear can show itself and it all depends on who is afraid, what the fear is, and how that fear manifests itself in their life.

Being left. What does that mean to you?

Being left at a location alone?

Being left on your own to solve a problem?

Being left alone by people?

Being left by your peers?

To me, it’s a lot of those things all combined.

I am afraid of being left along in my relationship. Or better yet, my relationship no longer being a relationship since I am in it alone.

It takes a lot for me to come around to depending on someone, in fact, I have tried not to depend on anyone for a long time. But I now depend on Bobby. And that in itself is a fear. Depending on someone who could leave me is terrifying. Fear.

I am not afraid to be alone necessarily. But being alone in public places, it a bit scary for me. I spent a lot of time alone at college football games for a year or so. I had been dating someone who went to school there, and then when we broke up, I still had season tickets. I didn’t want to waste the tickets, so I went to the games alone. Real fear is trying to find a seat, among people who are all there with friends, when you are alone, while simultaneously trying to avoid an ex boyfriend. Fear.

Solving problems. This is what we all go to school for right? To learn about problem solving. So, why would this be a fear? Because I don’t feel confident in my problem solving skills. I am scared to solve problems on my own due to the lack of successful problem solving I have done. At my job, I have been berated to the point of tears while on the job. I no longer feel confident in my problem solving skills. Fear.

So how do you fight a fear like this? Can you even fight a fear like this?

A lot of my fears are seemingly unfounded, but this one is a real and legitimate fear. People leave all the time.

On purpose.

On accident.

How can you overcome a legitimate fear?




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