Christmas too soon?

So, I have already started Christmas shopping.

My whole family thinks I have lost my mind. I’ve already got about half of my shopping done.

Now, I know it seems crazy, but I tend to do thoughtful gifts. I like to plan my gifts throughout the year and gather them piece by piece.

I have also found that if I start shopping earlier in the year, I can spend more on each person. Because I am not spending it all at once.

It’s not just my family that thinks I am slightly crazy. Bobby also seems to share that sentiment at times. Like right now in particular since the top of our closet is full of Christmas presents.

The sad part is though, I still have a lot of gifts to buy. There are still a lot of things I haven’t wrapped my head around, idea wise at least.

I have discovered with his family in the picture now, there are  A LOT more things to buy now.

And the family keeps growing.

There are two brand new babies in the family now. Both born within a month.

Plus I have acquired several new nieces and a couple of nephews.

My biggest predicament is that I don’t know that side of the family as well as I’d like and that makes it harder for me to get a kernel of an idea put together for a gift.

I love to think through my gifts. Really get to know the person who is going to receive it.

I can’t be the only person who buys gifts this way right?

I am not one of those people that gives gift cards unless that’s what people specifically ask for.

I try to be personal in my gift giving.

Is anyone else just ready for Christmas to be here?

I love to see people happy when they open a present. Especially a present they weren’t expecting. Or a present they wanted but didn’t realize they wanted.

I love to do things just a little bit different.

So, Merry EARLY Christmas everyone! Happy Christmas planning and shopping!


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