Feeling Blessed

This post is not about any fears I may have. It’s not about all the bad and wrong things happening in this world. It’s simply about how incredibly blessed I am to be here with everything I have right this moment.

I want to take the time today to just say THANK YOU to God, to my family, my boyfriend, and all the people around me who influence me on a daily basis.

I have a great job and I am fortunate to work in a good environment with people who are just incredible. They are Godly and supportive and never hesitate to help me if and when I ask, which is A LOT. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are things that could be complained about, but today I can’t seem to focus on a single one of them. I am happy with my job and all of the people that brings me into contact with.

I am so blessed to have an amazing family. My siblings are awesome. My parents are one step above the rest. I have great grandparents and I have even gained a ton of new family that loves and supports me as well thanks to Bobby. Each and every one of those people that I call and consider to be my family are strong, and smart. Sweet and courageous in their daily lives. They make differences in my life and in the lives of countless others each and every day. They are some of my greatest blessings.

Next up on my (potentially incredibly LONG) list is none other than the person I consider to be the love of my life. Bobby. I can’t even begin to say how much he has changed and blessed me. He loves me unconditionally. Bobby is the first man I have ever known to just accept me and all of my weirdness. He even loves it. He tells me I am goofy and in the next breath says, that’s one of the things I love about you. Not once has he ever asked me to change, although he has inspired me to continue my weight loss and strength training journey. He makes me want to be better. Because even though he is happy, I want to be the best me for him, for us. He prays for and with me. I couldn’t ask for a more complete partner to travel through this crazy life with me. My blessings with him are endless. I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for us, what adventures we’ll get to go on together, and what shenanigans we’ll get into along the way.

And my biggest thank you has to go to God. He has provided all of these wonderful things to a sinner like me. I have made, and still make, so many mistakes on a daily basis. I cuss a little, drink sometimes, and I get jealous just like any other person. I have struggled with anger, I have struggled with loving my neighbors as myself. But he still has provided me this amazing life with all of these wonderful, inspirational people to accompany me along the way. I learn something new every day. I am inspired by something or someone every day. I breathe in life and hope and dreams everyday. I am so incredibly blessed even when I don’t see it.

God has provided me a body that functions even when I put it through rigorous workouts, endless diets and stress upon stress. It wakes up every single day to face whatever new challenges I decide to put it through.

God blesses me endlessly with a job that provides an outlet for my knowledge and drive to help people. In return, that job provides me with the finances to eat well, live in a beautiful home and take care of all of my pets. Be it Jax (my cat), my outdoor birds, my indoor fish, or the neighborhood dogs. I am in apposition to help animals in need when I feel pressed to do so, which is always.

God has placed the people I need around me. Support at work, support at home, support within my family, and support within the people I chose as friends. When I look around me, I am constantly being reminded of the blessings I have. But I don’t always see them. In fact, and this shames me to admit, I rarely see them. I am normally so focused on the negatives around me. The bad days at work, the stack of cases I have left to work and my seeming lack of progress, the dissatisfaction I have with my body, the lonely nights when Bobby is away for work.. I generally fail to appreciate that, for one, I have a job, bad days or not, I have things to keep me busy, and that doesn’t mean I haven’t already worked as many cases as I can up to this point, my body performs for me every day and deserves to be praised, even if I see it as flawed in the mirror, and when Bobby is away for work, he is working the job God has provided for him to support our life together.

Blessings are all about perspective. And today, I choose to see them all. Thank you God, thank you family, thank you Bobby, thank you self, for the many many wonderful things you have given me. Today and everyday.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Blessed

  1. I am SO happy to see you in such a good place! Your strength and resilience and positivity just shines through this post, I love it! ❤ I'm gonna try and be around more often, so I'm looking forward to us chatting/commenting again soon 🙂 Hope you had a great summer 🙂 x

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