Reflecting on 2016

Looking back on 2016 I can’t help but be proud of myself. Which is a really weird feeling.

I can’t tell you the last time I was proud of myself. Maybe when I got my job? When I bought my car? My house?

I wish I could say, yes, I was SO proud of all of those things! But I can’t. Because I wasn’t. My sister had already done all of those things. She had a new car, not a used car, and a house in the city, not a rural area.. So I wasn’t proud of those things. Those weren’t accomplishments to me.

So why is this year different? I didn’t make any large purchases. No new house. No new car.

So what makes me proud of myself? I stuck with it.

I joined Weight Watchers last October/November.. I stuck with it.

Have I lost as much as I wanted? Not even close.

But I didn’t give up.

And looking back on what I have learned in Weight Watchers on this journey.. I am hunting for positives.

Positives that have come about..

I haven’t self harmed in years. Which to me is a major accomplishment. And sadly, I hadn’t thought about that or felt proud of it until now.

I may not have lost as much weight as I wanted, but I did lose some. So that’s a win for me too.

I have the love of my life beside me. Bobby has stood by me for several years now, and it looks like he’s in it for the long haul. Definitely a win.

There are so many good things. So many positives.

So why is it so hard to see these things?

And why am I focusing on them now?

Because I have decided 2017 is going to be the year I maintain a positive attitude.

This year I am going to be happy FOR me.

Proud OF me.

I want to see and remember all of the wonderful things that I am, that I can do, that I HAVE done.

2017 is going to be the best year yet.


Because I am going to make it the best year yet.

Best of luck to everyone else in 2017!


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