Where has February Gone?

So, I kept telling myself I was going to write another post sooner rather than later, but here I sit behind my computer and it’s already the end of February.. As  get older I have come to realize that life sure seems to speed up. I don’t feel like I get nearly as much done as I plan too, and time keeps going faster than it used too.

Today just happens to be my little sisters 21st birthday. I think that may be why I felt like today was the day to take a break and make a post. Time is not slowing down.

I guess I will just jump on in with another update style post, there have been quite a few things going on lately, things with work and family..

Let’s go ahead and start with work stuff, then I can get the unpleasantness over with, well, part of it at least. Things have been busy here at the lab, although you wouldn’t think *I* had been since I still have a stack of things to do that just keeps getting bigger and bigger no matter how much time  I spend actually IN the lab. Everyone around me just keeps telling me it’s job security. I am still having personality clashes with my big boss, but thankfully they seem to be fewer and far between. I don’t think we will ever like each other though. I am learning to be okay with that.

So, family. I wish I could say everything in this category was rainbows and sunshine, but alas, no. Probably, mostly, because of my attitude about certain things and my lack of flexibility when it comes to how I feel about people and things in general. So, on a happier note, today is my little sisters 21st birthday, in just a couple of weeks, my little brother, the baby of the family, will be turning 18. I have absolutely NO idea where in the world all of these years have gone, but those two blessings have sure made a heck of an impact on this world already. Brooklyn is only about 1 year away from finishing her Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and in just a few short months Bradley will be graduating from high school and starting his road to a Bachelor’s degree of some sort. So, with all this birthday talk you would think it was a super happy time right? Well, here’s where we get to the less than sunshine and rainbows part of things. Brooklyn has been off and on dating this young man, I am not SUPER fond of him, but she is, so I let it go, for about 3 or 4 years now. A long time in the scheme of both of their lives. (It may actually be more time than that, but there was a rather nasty OFF stage at some point and it lasted for quite awhile so I think everyone just kind of lost count..) Now, the great thing about this, he has a pretty awesome family that loves my sister enough to include her in all of their family gatherings and social events. The negative, he has this “great” family that has essentially entered into a competition with us, her real family, and we are losing. Yesterday said “great” family decided to throw a family birthday party, for MY little sister, without bothering to consult anyone in her actual family… The invitation that was sent out, if you can call a
Facebook message a proper invite, stated that since WE (the real family) weren’t going to do anything special to celebrate such a wonderful person, her REAL, yes, she said real… family was going to throw her a birthday party and WE ( the REAL family) were invited to attend… There were LOTS of things about this that really upset said family.. One of which being, we had planned our own party.. just not for this Sunday. But apparently since it was a joint party for her and Bradley, we were waiting until Spring Break so they could also choose to invite friends for an activity of some sort, it wasn’t good enough. Another thing that was wrong with this entire thing was that it made my mom and dad, the REAL parents, really upset. It hurt their feelings. It hurt all of our feelings. And one of the other problems here is simply, her boyfriend’s family has considerably more income available than our does, and Brooklyn has and most likely always will be, very… money oriented. She enjoys nice things. Things that our parents couldn’t always give her when they had 4 kids to take care of who all played a different sport on a single income.. I hope one day Brooklyn realizes all of the sacrifices made for her, by our entire family, but mostly by our parents, and how much she has hurt them over her obsession with having only the nicest things.. But on another note, my mom told me yesterday after she got home from the magic birthday party, I did not attend, that what really hurt her the most was that the boyfriends parent KNOWS my family’s financial situation and that it really set up Brooklyn’s future birthday party to be a disappointment. So, this made for an eventful weekend… Looking at this gigantic paragraph I am wondering why I didn’t just make the entire blog post about that but… I think I need to just let it go and move on, it’s bad enough I sent an unfortunately timed text message to my mom at the party that Brooklyn happened to see. A discussion was later had about recognizing priorities, but she’s 21.. I doubt she heard any of it.

I guess we can jump on over now to my household version of family, it’s a little lighter than all that family competition jazz, although there’s some frustration at home as well.. We’ll start with the animals, Jax still rules the roost. She has been a little grumpy with me lately since Bobby isn’t working a short commute away anymore and is back on the road now, but overall I think she’s getting over it, he comes home on weekends so she can’t be too mad for too long. The dogs are still hooligans of epic proportions. Diesel is getting gigantic, pushing the scales somewhere close to 50 pounds at close to 6 months old, and Daisy Mae is growing like a weed.. They’re just now getting over a nasty case of ear mites, and Miss Mae had a yeast infection in her ears, drops were had by all and not well received.. but they’re both on the mend! The new yard is almost completely done now, so they have a bigger space to run and play out back that they both seem to really enjoy. They’ve taken at least one toy out there and they take turns chasing each other based on who has a hold of it. They’re fun to watch and it definitely makes Bobby being gone a little easier to have such endless devotion sleeping next to me every evening. The frustration I have right now is simply Bobby’s unwillingness to plan the rest of our lives together. It’s like we got engaged and he was done… I don’t feel like I need a TON of help, with the wedding planning, or anything really, but a little would be more than enough… Some input, any input would be appreciated at this time. Sometimes I feel like we live in a 1950’s era style household. I don’t mind it 80% of the time, but sometimes it’d be nice to have him do the dishes. No more laundry for him though… He did TRY to do one load of laundry, the washing machine was not having it and after 2 or 3 hours of google and youtube, a hard reset, and a lot of work on my part, I finally got it going again. We did get a good laugh out of that one and I had to (half)jokingly ask if he tried to kill it on purpose! He swears no, but now laundry is solely on me!

Anyways, for now, I think I will leave things there. I don’t want to sound SO full of complaints that it seems like my life is just a downhill slide, but at the same time, right now, there just seems to be a lot of dark places lurking around and with that comes a dark mindset.. I can see it’s affects every time I step on the scale at home. So, I am trying to combat that with an AWESOME boot camp class offered at my gym! I even asked to switch a few hours of my work schedule around during the week so I could make it to class. It’s one of those things where even though you recognize that it needs done, you don’t want to do it, this makes me do it, and that’s a big thing for me. It helps too that I enjoy the atmosphere of the gym and the workout in general. So here’s to hoping that helps me get this madness under control!

2017 has sure been bumpy thus far! But here’s to March bringing about a whole new mess of things to handle!

Until next time!


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