Goodness gracious I can’t even believe we are already a third of the way through July.. Where in the world is 2017 going and why is it going so fast!? Welp, nothing I can do about that.. How about an update for you guys since it’s been a good long while since I posted much of anything on here (my bad..).

Let’s start with Brittany, so, if you haven’t read any of my last blog posts, my twin sister suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS for short, and it causes a lot of fertility problems, along with some sugar problems that go hand in hand with diabetes as well as improper fat storage causing weight gain, which in turn helps with the lack of fertility.. It’s a gigantic jumble of things that all conspire against her having a baby. Now, a year ago, when she and her husband first found out that having a baby was going to be a lot harder than either of them anticipated, they pretty much gave up and said “It’s in God’s hands”. Now, that wouldn’t have been a problem at all if they had even TRIED the suggestions from the doctors on how to help with the possibly infertility. Since then though, I am super happy to report that Brittany has been on Weight Watchers and has lost more than 30 pounds. She’s down enough weight that her doctors have put her on an ovulation medication to help her and Casey try to get pregnant on their own. They’ve both had their fertility tests done, which did NOT happen last year when they “stopped” trying or caring about having a baby naturally, and they seem to be moving in a really positive direction as far as that is all concerned. I am happy for them and now that they are both trying to actually make things work, I think they are both in a much better place to actually raise a baby if it comes down to that. On a side note, Britt has agreed to be my maid-of-honor! Which is always exciting! More on the wedding side of things to come further in the update.

So, let’s move on to my other sister.. I THINK I wrote about Brooklyn’s adventure down the river and the attack of the water turkeys, but in case I didn’t, here’s a short recap.. Her boyfriend took her down the river in his boat for a joyride and thought it would be fun to speed up and scare a flock of water turkeys off the water (for the record, water turkeys are actually a REAL thing..). Needless to say, the water turkeys didn’t start to take off until the boat hit them at warp speed, a water turkey went through the plexi-glass windshield on the boat and shattered it. It sliced into Brooklyn’s hand and when she went to the ER they cleaned it all out and stitched her up and sent her on her way. Fast forward to a few weeks, about a month or so ago now.. and she has intense pain and swelling in this hand as well as a hard knot on the tendon. Initial scans indicated her tendon had been nicked by some of the windshield and was healing in a cyst type fashion causing a problem, including pain and swelling. So she had to have surgery. Well, imagine the doctors surprise when they get in there and she actually has TWO pieces of glass inside her sowed up hand! One piece was the “knot” on her tendon since it was stuck in the tendon.. Somehow the ER doctor “missed” the glass when she was cleaning the wound. Well, she had the clean out surgery about a week and a half ago and got the stitches out this morning. Her hand has healed up very nicely, she now has her full range of motion back, no pain, no swelling. Which is all good since she is in her second or third year of her bachelor’s in nursing program. I feel bad since I honestly am not sure how many years she’s been in the program or how many she has left.. Things have just gotten crazy in our giant family. There’s a lot happening all the time.

Now we will go ahead and move on to the brother who somehow thinks just because he had a birthday he is a grown man. He learned quick, fast and in a hurry that that’s not entirely true. He moved in with me and Bobby for the summer since he has been working with an internship here in town and it’s a much shorter drive for him from my house than my parents house and we all thought it would be a good way for him to kind of dip his toes into the town where he will be going to college here in just a month or so. However, this has been an interesting experience for everyone all around. First off, he thinks since he is 18 now he doesn’t have to listen to anyone anymore. Wrong. He hasn’t really contributed to any household chores at my house, which isn’t entirely surprising since he didn’t really help at my parent’s house either, but then he kept giving me random, and rather expensive, grocery list requests, again, he hasn’t been contributing financially, or in the household as far as chores and things that need to be done outside.. So that wasn’t a ton of fun. He keeps his game systems on ALWAYS. So my electric bill went up a little bit and he used up all of my internet for the month, in 3 days.. I live in a pretty rural area where there is no such thing as a high speed internet that runs constantly and always when you want it too with no limit. I would love to say we established some ground rules and he listened, but that’s not the case. Now, I know I sound grumpy about him being there, but I really didn’t mind having a house guest, the extra expenditures weren’t a super big deal, but I was counting on him to help me with some things, like mowing the grass, and helping feed the animals, and letting the dogs out during the day when he was home and I needed to stay at work late. And those things didn’t always, or really ever, happen. Now we get into the good stuff, Bobby and I were on vacation rather recently to celebrate the 4th of July by checking out the wedding chapel we have booked. Brad was supposed to be at the house watching the animals so they didn’t have to travel and stay at my parents. Well, imagine our surprise when we get home and the dogs are gone and so is my brother.. He just never bothered with the dogs in the first place and took and left them at my parents house, then scheduled with my mom for HER to drive up to my house everyday to feed Jax. Which is not only out of the way, it’s dumb when we already had a plan in place. When we got home, we got a bit more of the story, and apparently he was inviting friends to be at our house while we were not there, when we had asked him not to have anyone over. When my parents found out, they moved him and the dogs back to their house and had him ride to work with my mom since she works some of the time in an office here in town. It was an interesting turn of events. Now he is finishing his internship with some traveling to and through North Carolina. I am curious to see what happens when he comes home, so that’s to be continued. As a side note/question, does anyone else have younger brothers and how in the world do you manage them?!

So, I guess we can move on to all of the things that have been going on with me and Bobby here lately. As you read above, we took off on a vacation, we were supposed to come home married, but… it didn’t quite work out that way so we are still engaged only and waiting until next year to get married. We have decided to keep our Las Vegas venue for next year, so that means everyone who wants to attend is in charge of traveling for a little bit, although I don’t think a vacation is going to be bad for them. It’s not like they would take one without us forcing their hand anyways. We did compromise with our parents about hosting a reception here when we get back since they want everyone to be involved and invited. So when we got back from our trip we booked a reception venue and started shopping for decorations and caterers. Turns out, every time we price something else out, I end up just a little bit more convinced we should have run off.. but his is what they wanted to do for us and we are just going to be okay with what they want to do. I have already been to a wedding show since I got back, and it looks like I am scheduled to go to another one here in just a few weeks. My sister is keeping me in check! I keep reminding her we still have almost a year, but everywhere I look says that you should definitely start planning things 10-12 months in advance so maybe she knows a little bit about what she is talking about. We are scheduled to go try on dresses and maybe get a good idea on what styles we are wanting next month for our birthday. I have decided I HAVE to get back on track with some sort of diet or I won’t fit in any of the dresses I have been looking at in a way that is in any way shape or form flattering. I have been super lax about my diet and my gym-going here lately, but I think that’s for another blog post. Maybe this afternoon we can get into the insecurities that seem to rule my life, but not right now. As it stands though, wedding dress trying on was put on hold this weekend at the wedding show. I do know that trying to maintain a full time job, plan a wedding, a wedding reception, and a vacation for September is really too much to ask for. I feel like my focus is split into a million pieces. We are only going back on vacation in September because I have already bought a vacation and now all the dates are blacked out on when to use it except the ones that we already booked on. It was supposed to be our honeymoon but again, wedding date had to be moved. All in all though, despite all the craziness, things are going well. We’re busy, like normal, but that’s nothing new or exciting. We do have a lot going on right now at work. I still feel really behind with all of my casework and things, but that’s just something that I will have to fix by getting in the back and making it happen. No one can do that for me. Something else to think about and work on. As I said, my focus feels like it’s split in a million directions.. I am sure there are a lot of things I forgot to mention, but until the next time they will just have to keep.

Thanks for taking a break out of your day to take a glimpse into my crazy life.


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